[Post From Our International HQ in Cleveland, Tennessee]

haiti-relief-updateAs soon as the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Matthew became apparent in Haiti, Bishop Dorlean immediately came up with a 3-phase Action Plan to help our pastors, leaders and members. Phase one is to provide for the short term needs of our people. This includes food, water, clothes, toiletries, bleach and more over the next several months. Phase two is to provide for the medium term needs which include church members and workers of the church helping each other to repair damaged churches and houses with metal sheets, wood, and nails. The last phase is the long term goal of reconstruction of the destroyed churches.

Through the quick actions of our church family, phase one was immediately implemented. We received these photos from Bishop Dorlean that show the distribution of bundles of rice and other supplies being given out to some of our people who experienced the most loss during Hurricane Matthew. Along with the pictures, Bishop Dorlean sent us this message.

“We have been able to distribute food, clothing, and financial assistance to our pastors, leaders, and some church members in the districts of Cayes, Baraderes, Cotes-de-Fer, Jeremie, and Grand Goave. We thank all of you for your prayers and support. We also thank Bishop Martin, the Caribbean Finance Committee, and Bishop Williams who sent in Bishop Octa into Haiti with money to help our pastors, leaders, and members.”

The need is still so considerable. Will you join us by donating to the relief work to help our family in Haiti? Individuals may give through the Helping Hand Ministry or churches can give through Project Giving with all donations marked Haiti Disaster Relief – Hurricane Matthew. Remember that gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will be given to the need you specify.