I grew up in the local church of Norview, Virginia. It was a close-knit loving fellowship of believers. We were what most people referred to as a mission-minded church. As a child I was captivated by the witness of visiting mission workers and international guests who came to share about the work of the Holy Spirit in the nations and mission regions of the United States.

Every year about this season, we would begin our annual effort to raise awareness for prayer support and mission funding for the year. Everyone had something to contribute. The adults coordinated mission dinners, the youth sold doughnuts and participated in all night prayer meetings, and the children would collect change and cut coupons.

Every October in preparation for the Mission Drive, I revisit my memories of this wonderful time-honored missions tradition within the Church of God of Prophecy. It is one of two annual opportunities in which to raise awareness and personally invest in Mission Giving in support of our national leaders and mission nations.

This past year, the Mission Drive effort has especially supplemented our international mission giving and front line disaster response. With that in mind, I want to take a moment to celebrate the work of our God and express gratitude to our local churches and individual givers for the faithfulness of supply.

Over the past year, our church family has encountered and responded to a number of significant crises. Among those is the political hostility between Ukraine and Russia. As a fellowship, we have sustained our local churches in these nations as they have supplied care and ministered recovery to those caught in the conflict, amazingly leading efforts to rescue children who have been orphaned and held captive to be sold. We have responded miraculously to those who have been affected by natural disasters including earthquakes, super typhoons, viral outbreaks assisting our family in nations in on almost every continent.

Over the past few weeks, we experienced a serious (dangerous) crisis in Asia in which only the Lord could provide the miracle, and yet, our people have been an important part of supplying in response to that need. For each of our family members throughout the world, I want to express gratitude, first for the tenacity of faith in believing and secondly for response to supply ministry.

Over the next few weeks, your local fellowship can directly touch the world through our mission network by participating in the October Mission Drive. For opportunities designed for your local church to connect in prayer support, there are weekly bulletin inserts which contain testimonies and prayer requests from the nations. These and other resources are available on our website: globalcogop.org 

Prayerfully consider your response to our global mission work during the month of October. 100% of your Mission Offerings go directly to the mission field. For more information on how to connect to a nation, please contact us. This is our opportunity for every generation to join the journey of global missions. Thank you, in advance, for joining this effort.