Jun 06, 2017

In Pursuit of God

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Getting to know him on his own terms. Interview with David Bowden Wednesday, May 24, 2017 Courtesy of Men Of Integrity 1. How do we misinterpret our feelings of God's presence or absence? All Christians have an understanding of what God's presence is to them. What happens when, like many times in the Bible, God [...]

Apr 04, 2017

How To Grow In Generosity

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Courtesy of "Men of Integrity" Strategic Strategic givers plan ahead so they can be really generous. They're intentional. They think it through. Strategic givers actually contemplate questions like these: "How can we be more generous? How can we maximize the blessings we have so we can be a blessing to others?" Strategic givers tithe. They [...]

Feb 02, 2017

31 Day Marriage Prayer Challenge

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  TAKE THE 31-DAY MARRIAGE PRAYER CHALLENGE, WE DARE YOUR MARRIAGE! HOW DOES THE 31 DAY CHALLENGE WORK? 1. Get this bundle 2. Pick a day to start together 3. Pray each day's prayer for you spouse for 31 days in a row 4. If you miss a day, you start over :) 5. Share [...]